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1.      Will our loan automatically transfer to Healthcare Plus as well?  We’re presuming so, but want to confirm. Yes, no changes to rate, term, etc.

2.      I have many things set up for automatic payments from this account as well as my paycheck on automatic deposit.  Will I have to update all of these to a new account or will that happen automatically with the transfer?  If I need to do so, what are the timelines? It will all transfer automatically.

3.      I see the debit cards will expire the end of March.  Does this mean our bank account/loan will also transfer the end of March? Yes, we are officially merged March 31st. You will be getting a new HCP debit card next week. That card does need to be activated by you and will work April 1st at 8am J

Effective April 1st you will be able to enroll in Healthcare Plus’s online banking. The platform is the same as SODES, so everything should look familiar to you. I hope you take the opportunity to enroll so that you are able to view your accounts and make sure that all the information is accurate. Healthcare offers other services through online banking including mobile banking, bill pay and if you haven’t signed up already with SODES, E-Statements.


To enroll April 1st the website is on the left click Internet Banking. On the left again click Enroll now. In this space you will use your new account number that starts with 90 or 900.


Example: If you SODES account number was 1234 your new account number is 9001234. If your SODES account number was 12345 your new account number is 9012345.

From this point forward just follow the prompts as before and you are enrolled! J All account history will transfer over so you will be able to view your old history also.
Until you order new check blanks through HCP check images will not be available online.

Thank you! As always we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to call 626-2330 or email


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